These are just a few of our stock, we can customize or add to a trophy to make it unique.  We also do custom woodwork bases to make any trophy taller or more appealing.  We carry a variety of Sport themes, but also Academic.

Golf Trophies

Resin material, can be order in 3 sizes.

Fantasy Football

These "Winner & Loser" trophies are mounted on top of a base, to allow for yearly recipients.

Baseball Player Resin Trophy

These come in 3 different sizes, in case needed for other categories. This one is the 2nd tallest, measured at around 9 1/2" tall.

MD Resin Trophy

BBQ Cook Resin Trophy

For the Top Cook at a Cook-Off Contest or Friendly Family Feud BBQ, this trophy is for bragging rights.

New Soccer Trophy

Pictured here are 1st & 2nd Place, but we can mix & match to make a 3rd Place.

New Sublimated Trophy Figure

Monster Resin Trophy

Monster Trophies for Superhero Costume Contest

Halloween Trophies

Great for Parties, Office, Fundraiser, Tournaments & Contests

sport.jpg_3  shown here are for Soccer and other 2 are for Academics


Dance Contest Trophy

Ceramic Trophies

4 Sizes, Different Sports including Basketball, Soccer and Baseball

Golf Trophies

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place with custom mounted base

Monster Resin Trophy

"Oscar Style" Trophy

Booky Awards_ for the Public Library


Just a few trophy options for Basketball

BBQ Trophies

Competition Cook-Off for any event, we can customize to almost any size.


Fantasy Football Trophy

With custom made wood base (can be different shape)


New Soccer trophies

1st, 2nd & 3rd sizes. As shown with Soccer, although we may accommodate any sport or event


Swimming Trophy, this for a UIL Swim Meet, awarded to United High School student

For Boys & Girls Club of Laredo, this set going to the Champions of recent tournament (Salinas)

2_ in height.jpg  Other sports available

Female Bowler)_Consider us for your next tournament ev

Custom Trophies

Leadership Laredo Dog Bowl, with mounted plastic dog figures.



Dance Trophies

New Flashy Columns geared toward Pageants, Cheerleading & Dance, but of course can be used for any other Category

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