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These are just a few of our stock, we can customize or add to a trophy to make it unique.  We also do custom woodwork bases to make any trophy taller or more appealing.  We carry a variety of Sport themes, but also Academic.

Academic Trophies

These academic figures can be any height as needed. 3rd on the right can have a 2" circle insert with any logo.

Metal Soccer Trophy
Monster Resin Trophy

Monster Trophies for Superhero Costume Contest

Fantasy Crown Football
Custom Trophies

Leadership Laredo Dog Bowl, with mounted plastic dog figures.

Fantasy Football

These "Winner & Loser" trophies are mounted on top of a base, to allow for yearly recipients.

Female Bowler)_Consider us for your next tournament ev
Baseball Player Resin Trophy

These come in 3 different sizes, in case needed for other categories. This one is the 2nd tallest, measured at around 9 1/2" tall.

Golf Trophies

Resin material, can be order in 3 sizes.


Just a few trophy options for Basketball

BBQ Cook Resin Trophy

For the Top Cook at a Cook-Off Contest or Friendly Family Feud BBQ, this trophy is for bragging rights.

New Soccer Trophy

Pictured here are 1st & 2nd Place, but we can mix & match to make a 3rd Place.

Halloween Trophies

Great for Parties, Office, Fundraiser, Tournaments & Contests

sport.jpg_3  shown here are for Soccer and other 2 are for Academics
For Boys & Girls Club of Laredo, this set going to the Champions of recent tournament (Salinas)
"Oscar Style" Trophy

Booky Awards_ for the Public Library

Swimming Trophy, this for a UIL Swim Meet, awarded to United High School student
2_ in height.jpg  Other sports available
Dance Trophies

New Flashy Columns geared toward Pageants, Cheerleading & Dance, but of course can be used for any other Category

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